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css_talk - Computing Support Services dept-only discussion

Subject: Computing Support Services dept-only discussion

Description: This list is intended for troubleshooting discussion amongst the ITS Computing Support Services dept. It consists of Technology Consultants and Help Center staff. It includes TC group mail accounts, CSS managers, & Help Center staff.

This list was formerly known as "TCQuestions" which ran from 1/1999 until

It was known as "TCo_talk" from 11/2008 to 9/2011.

Please always refer to this list as as we may
move it to another machine, but will keep this alias if we do.

Questions about this list should be directed to or

This list is not to be used for commercial purposes and any abuse of this
policy will be reported to the related authorities at Boston College.
Opinions expressed by the members of this group are not necessarily the
opinions of the Boston College Trustees.

9/26/2011 DS

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